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Booking your promotional staff made easy!

It’s EASY because we know that’s how you want it to be.

We understand that booking the best staff is a priority but you do not want to have to complete huge amounts of paperwork to make it happen. There is one simple booking form to complete, this is where you have the opportunity to really detail your requirements so we completely understand what you want to happen so we book the right staff to make it happen. The booking form takes about 5 minutes to complete and that’s about as much administration as you need to worry about. The booking form is on line so you simply fill in the questions, click submit and we spring into action for you. EASY!

If you are an international client it’s even more important that we focus on making the booking process clear, simple and reliable because let’s face it, you can’t pop into our office for a chat! We work with hundreds of clients all over the world and have arranged promotional staff for them across  the UK so we really understand the importance of communicating with you so you are aware each step of your booking is on track.

What happens when you have completed the booking form?

Once we have your completed booking form we are on it straight away. Our administration team will work through the details and fully brief our staffing team so they completely understand what you want from the staff we hire from you. We have processes in our offices to ensure everything connected with your booking is done correctly, quickly and we communicate with you throughout the booking  so you know exactly what we are doing for you.

Our booking process breaks down as follows….

  • Your booking form is checked by our administration team within 1 hour of its arrival.
  • Our administration team will contact you and let you know it has arrived safely and that we are working on your booking
  • Once checked by the administration team they will forward the details to our staffing team.
  • The staffing team will shortlist the best staff that match your brief and discuss in detail with them your requirements and goals at the event. This process is an important part of your booking with us and we work very hard to ensure we arrange the best staff for you.
  • Once our staffing team have sourced the ideal staff they will be spoken to again to make sure they understand your brief.
  • If you want full profiles of the staff we have selected these will be sent to you for approval.
  • The staff are then booked and confirmed to work with you in writing with a detailed brief so everyobe is clear on your expectations of them.

The day of the event

We track the staff to make sure they arrive at the specified time. It does not matter what time you want them to start our arrivals team will be in our office communicating with the staff you have booked to make sure they get there safely. If there is anything we need to check with you on the day there is always someone in our arrivals team available to talk to you. Communication is paramount and all our teams are ready to help you throughout the event.

Booking staff with us is simple!

Booking promotional staff through our agency is simple, quick and comprehensive.  After all, we want you to work with us all the time so why wouldn’t we make it easy for you to do that!