Event Staff for Hire

At Promotional Staff UK, we work with a wide range of clients to provide experienced, trained and talented event staff.

From VIP events to exhibitions and street marketing campaigns, we have the right people close to every major venue, town and city in the UK. For our clients, this means the best value for money with minimal travels costs.

Making your event a success

Whether you are hosting an outdoor event, a festival of some kind, an in-store promotional event, exhibition or conference, we have the professional event staff you need.

All of our staff attend your event with one thing in mind – to make YOUR event a huge success.

How do we select the right event staff for you?

We work closely with our clients so that we have a clear understanding of what the event is all about, your objectives and what you need event staff to do.

We then trawl our extensive database of professional event and promo staff matching your requirements to the skills and experience of our people.

We put together a handpicked team of people, all with the skills and talents you need to make your event a success.

How do event staff know what to do when they arrive?

We manage our event staff so that when they arrive, they are fully briefed on the event, any products being sold or showcased, the services you offer and what their role is as part of the event.

How much is it to hire event staff from Promotional Staff UK?

The cost of hiring professional event staff depends on several factors;

  • What your event is?
  • How big your event is?
  • How many event staff you want to hire?
  • How long you need to hire event staff for?
  • What you need them to deliver on the day and the event services you need?
  • Whether you need specialist event staff?

We offer competitive hourly and day rates, and we always make sure you get the best value for money. We do this by selecting event staff who love and work close to the location of your event.

Hiring event staff is an investment in your business and one that can have a high return on investment. Most of our clients find that the cost of hiring event staff is returned several times over in sales, impressions of attendees and the overall success of the event.

Why hire event staff from Promotional Staff UK?

We are an established and popular event staffing agency. Our service is exceptional, with clients returning time and again to hire event staff from us.

Every client benefits from;

  • Handpicked event staff from our database of nationwide UK event staff
  • Experienced event staff
  • Staff arrived briefed and ready for action
  • Reliable and punctual, our event staff offer a confident and intelligent service
  • Insurance included
  • 24/7 agency contact

How do I find out more?

Call the friendly team at Promotional Staff UK on 0844 800 0071. Alternatively, you can use the contact form or email@promotionalstaffuk.co.uk