The Power of Flyer Distribution & Leaflet Distribution Services

Flyers are still a popular marketing tool. Attracting attention to a business, organisation or cause, the more people who see your flyer the better.

It may be a mass distribution tool but as a business, you have a customer demographic – and that means you want the flyers placed into the hands of people who look, walk and talk like your customer persona.

At Promotional Staff UK, we offer a range of promotional services including flyering staff.

Why hire professional flyering staff?

If it is just a case of handing out leaflets, then we could all do it.

But professional flyering staff do a little more than simply dispose of as many leaflets as possible. Our flyering staff;

* Identify the right prospects (that is, your identified customer demographic) so that your leaflets work hard for your brand
* Engage people in conversation about your product or brand
* They can direct people to where you are
* They can be part of a bigger event or work in certain locations at certain times to support a wider marketing campaign

With flyering staff, you want to be confident that all this is happening. And the only way you will have peace of mind that your flyers are reaching the hands of the right people, is to rely on the services of professional flyering staff from an established and trusted event staff agency.

How can Promotional Staff UK help me?

As well as flyering staff and street marketing teams, we offer a range of promotional staff services including;
* Professional hostesses and hosts
* Hospitality staff
* Exhibition staff
* Themed promotional staff

Is hiring professional flyering expensive?

We offer competitive rates for hiring flyering staff by the hour or by the day. All of our clients find that with our professional services have a return on investment that places their brand in a favourable position.

Flyers are a powerful marketing tool but more so when they are placed into the hands of your potential customers. Back this up with confident, professional marketing people and you will find that every penny spend on flyering staff has a return.

In fact, why not add data capture too or give handing out flyers more of a buzz with costumed characters to attract people’s attention?

Where can I hire flyering staff?

We are a nationwide agency with promotional and flyering staff based in every county of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England.

By using staff local to your event, you get even more value for money from our professional promotional services.

How do I get a quote from Promotional Staff UK?

Just call us – there is no obligation – on 0844 800 0071. Or use the contact form below to find out more about what we could offer to make your event even more successful.