Street Team Marketing Staff

Street Team Marketing Staff

What are Street Team Marketing Staff?  They are people who engage the public on the street in an engaging manor and hand out flyers or samples, collect data and encourage people to answer surveys.

Train Station and Tube Station Street Marketing

We provide promotional teams, brand ambassadors and field marketing staff at all bus, train and tube stations around the UK to promote any product or service you may have.  There is nothing better than reading some literature you have been handed on the way home or to work to break the boredom of that journey.

You can also hire brand ambassadors to promote your events, encourage the public to sample your products and even simply get them to post about your product on their social media.

Most of our clients typically book street marketing staff to stop in a friendly and approachable manner the public on footpaths, shopping centres, at exhibitions, pretty much anywhere with a high footfall.

Why use street marketing staff?

You can reach a large percentage of target clients in a quicker and more memorable way.

Face-to-face marketing creates an emotional experience.

Samples encourage people to buy your products.

Engage with people around specific and targeted area’s such as sports events, concerts, shopping centres, universities, etc.

Fantastic at getting content for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Get feedback which you can use to market or even possibly modify your product.

Street Promotions Team anywhere in the UK

Street Marketing is very effective form brand, service or product awareness.  You can also take advantage of our years of experience and ask as many questions as you like and we are happy to make suggestions to.  Some good ideas to help your promotion are: –

Brand the staff you hire in your company’s name with t-shirts, caps, etc.

Make sure you have a call-to-action on any literature.

People love samples and a freebie!

Signs, pop ups and mobile banners attract more people.


Hire a flash mob or large crowd.

Whatever you need to get out there in the market place we have local, trained professionals ready to work.  To get a quote for street marketing staff, complete our form below or visit our contact page and give us a call.