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If you have an event or marketing activity taking place in Bradford, then you’re going to need some experienced promotional staff or event staff that have knowledge about the local area to make it an even bigger success. If you’re exhibiting at the Cartwright Hall, we can offer assistance! As a highly-regarded art gallery, getting your piece of art noticed in there can be an incredible boost for you brand. Hire a street team from us to target members of the public, create a buzz about the exhibition and furthermore get your target demographic in to the building.
Bradford, home to Bradford City Football (otherwise known as the Bantams), is a very popular location for promotions running in their city centre.

The Bradford district is an effortlessly spectacular town, tourists from all over the world make their way to city to take in some traditional Yorkshire culture, creating a fantastic opportunity for a business to take advantage of! The city centre is overwhelmed with high street outlets along with some smaller, more niche boutiques to arouse your shopping senses.

Brand Ambassadors in Bradford

Brand awareness is key to any successful product, getting your brand in the public eye is a task that should be left down to experienced brand ambassadors as they have the skills required to stop people in the street and have a chat with them about your product. The always busy City Centre can be a great starting point to deploy a team of brand ambassadors, following the instructions on your booking form we will brief the staff to target the audience that you want or gain vital information that can make your business excel.

We can help you to find the perfect temporary staff for your event or marketing activity in Bradford

It may seem that finding staff to help out at your event can be straight forward and pretty simple, but we’ve found that sometimes event planners under-estimate what is involved to source the right staff to carry out the duties required. To alleviate your worries or concerns get in contact with us! We have been providing event staff for over 10 years, and over this time we have developed a respectable database that allows us to systematically select the staff for your event based on the skills required to perform your tasks to first class standard.

It is always worth giving us a call with your specifications as we can always offer assistance, our professional team will be happy to help you out and provide you with a solution to you event staffing needs.  To fnd out the cost of hiring promotional staff in Bradford complete the form below or give us a call!