Your Go-To Promotional Staffing Agency in Bristol

Promotional Staffing UK specialises in all kinds of promotional events, product marketing and branding activities in Bristol. Our business is founded on the principles of customer satisfaction and professional services and with our team of dedicated workers we deliver on those promises.

We have a large database of experts well-versed with all types of promotional activities. Our hiring procedure ensures each member is profiled and checked to build a strong and competent team. We do not randomly select people for your event but form an experienced team after careful consideration. As one of the leading promotional agencies in the country, Promotional Staffing UK has branches all over Great Britain. Our Bristol branch caters to all public and commercial areas in the metropolis.

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Bristol Promotional Staffing Agency

Our promotional agency has worked with large corporations as well as medium to small-scale businesses so it is safe to say we can handle an event or activity of any scale. Our creative team is experienced in coming up with unique and trend-setting promotional activities. We showcase your business or product in the best light, suggesting improvements or building an entire marketing campaign on our own.

Our promotional staffing agency in Bristol offers:
Street marketing services in Bristol Shopping Quarter and Yate Shopping Centre
• In-store promotions
• Mall activities at The Mall on Cribbs Causeway
• Flyer distribution
Hostesses for the Bristol Rovers Football Club Ltd.
• Product demos
• PR stunts

There is years of experience between our managers and team leads which helps us understand the unique requirements of each client and deliver accordingly. We are known for our enthusiastic promotional staff and reliable employees that ensure the event goes smoothly and sends the right message across to your potential customers. Our long list of clients can attest to our capabilities as an efficient and well-managed promotional agency.

Our Value Proposition

Our greatest asset is our promotional staff which is why we focus on polishing their skills and developing their expertise. From the brand managers to the event coordinators, our entire team goes through an extensive training course to ensure they are committed to the job.

Once we commit to an event, we bring our best workers together and make sure no stone is left unturned when executing an event. From planning each and every detail of the event to executing a successful promotional campaign, we maintain constant contact with the client to let them know of the progress.

Each and every one of our campaign is developed using the best possible resources. We create a framework based on your unique company or product to engage with potential customers and generate the desired response from them.

Our employees are under constant evaluation and they are appreciated and rewarded for their hard work. Our bonuses and appraisals ensure all promotional staff members are giving their best performance when on the job. We also take the client’s feedback very seriously and are always working on improving our relationship with them.